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Thank you for viewing my website for designer wear sarees, salwar kameez, lenghas and jewelry. I have always been in love with sarees as long as I can remember. Ever since I was a child, me and my sister would play dress up and become saree models. We would wear sarees of different materials and take pictures of ourselves striking funny poses actinglike models on the ramp doing the catwalk.

This passion of mine for both design and fashion led me to open my own boutique online which isconvenient for all ages of women around the globe. The fashion industry of today has allowed numerous women like you and me to let out our passion of creativity, fashion and designing.

Saree happens to be one of the oldest unstitched garments from the old times. How does one define a saree?  A six yard unstitched cloth of sheer elegance.

A sari is considered one of the oldest forms of art of India. It ranks among those evergreen attires that simply refuse to retire. This attire is a symbol of feminism and it doesn’t only make you feel lovely, you actually look beautiful.

A sweet folktale describes the origin of saree as;

The saree took birth on the loom of a fanciful weaver. He dreamt of a Woman, a lady. The glistening and shimmer of her tears, the drape of her tumbling hair. The many colors of her many moods. Her soft feminine touch. All of these he wove together and wove for many yards. When he was done, he smiled and smile some more.

 Saree is the only style of garment that is size agnostic means no matter what your build is, you can carry it off beautifully.

Over the years it has become popular all-time attire for women. Weavers and printers create artistic patterns and embellish them with gold and silvers. This graceful attire adds elegance and charm to a woman’s personality. There are numerous ways to drape this long trail of cloth. There is no zip, no stitches yet it is one of the most amazing flowing dresses that radiates femininity. Sarees signify the grace and poise of a woman.

The best thing about saree is that it never gets boring.From numerous styles of draping it according to regions and cultures, there is a variety of materials that you can find in sarees. It looks gorgeous on all women accentuating their poise and sensuality.

There are shimmering silks, elegant and classy chiffon and comfortable georgette, crepe and cotton sarees available in a myriad of colors, embroidery and avatars that a woman could possibly imagine.

My childhood interest led me to my passion of sarees. Here at my site, you may find a variety of sarees for every occasion. From weddings to formal functions, official meetings to family get-togethers, social meetings you will find a saree for every event here.

I have always been inspired by sarees since early childhood and now this is something I love to do for work as well. I happen to be a fan of Sabyasachi and my source of Inspiration is Sabyasachi.

You will like the collection of my sarees, have a look!