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Lehenga Choli is a traditional Indian wear for Women. It is a two part garment, The Lower one is called the Lehenga and the Top one is called the Choli. Other than Lehanga it is also called Ghagra, Gagra. For easier understanding Lehenga can also be called “The Indian version of Skirt (Desi Skirt)”. The choli is a another name for blouse. So a lehenga choli can be called a Skirt & Blouse.

The Sharara, Gharara and Lancha can be called different versions of this dress.

The Lehenga-Choli is worn across the Indian Subcontinent. In the modern times the Designer Lehenga Cholis are used as Bridal Garments. A more bold & bright colored version called the Ghagra-Choli is used mostly during the Navaratri festivals.